i love mashed potatoes.

…and most of the other foods associated with Thanksgiving. Emily Fact: mashed potatoes with some sort of meat and veggies are one of my most favorite things. My other favorite thing is to be warm. I also like having fun and trying something new. And never saying I can’t do something.

So this Thanksgiving I wrapped all those things into one. I decided at 10:00 am Tuesday to take the boys on a road trip to San Diego to visit my sister and her family. I picked up Milo from school at 11:30, went home and packed, picked up Mason at about 1:30, stopped by my mom’s for some portable DVD players and we were on our way! It turned out to be a pretty good drive too. Mason even commented at one point (more early on in the journey), “This is so fun!”

After a couple gas stops, a drive down The Strip and dinner at the Rainforest Cafe – we arrived at my sister’s house at about 2 am. The drive was SO worth it! The kids loved playing with their cousins every day. We took a swimsuit beach trip to Del Mar, had a HUGE, delicious meal for Thanksgiving, took a non-swimsuit, shell-hunting trip to Mission Beach, had a day in Balboa Park (which included a visit to the aerospace museum and an awful, awful puppet show), and ate dinner right on the beach.

I asked Milo which part was his favorite and he told me “that place we went to eat dinner. The one with the jello and the grapes.” Yep, we took a 12 hour drive so Milo could eat at a Sweet Tomatoes.

Well, I enjoyed the fact that I never saw my breath when I went outside, and I got to walk in sand and swim in the ocean – just that was worth the drive!

Thanks Manning family – it was lots of fun!


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