oh dear

To the girl wearing toe socks with her flip flops:

1) Toe socks are not allowed in college
2) If you’re feet are too cold in flip flops, don’t wear them with socks to accommodate
3) And if love is what you are seeking, let me hook you up with the boy who wears the toe shoes on campus (yes, I saw them in person. And yes, they are ew).


2 thoughts on “oh dear

  1. EW. I hate both of those things. A couple months back I saw someone wearing these beauties: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cs-ottawacitizen/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/00/00/01/85/87/Apparel/blackyoga.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=0TTXDM86AJ1CB68A7P02&Expires=1257461867&Signature=djH6pfEVx11wGVOust%2fpgIXUDeQ%3d (And I actually took a picture of the girl's feet on my phone because I was so flabbergasted. Seems like they'd go along very well with the toe socks.

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