tricks and treats

Mason once told me that he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He also said that when he is, he won’t give me any tickets. Thanks Officer Rudy, you’re the best.

And Milo decided to be a cowboy this year.
And this is Milo handing out treats. Actually, he was yelling at everyone he could see and telling them to come get treats from him. Then at one point he came in and said, “Well, Halloween is over”.

Mason decided to try mixing costumes.


2 thoughts on “tricks and treats

  1. Mason and Milo are awesome. Those kids make me laugh all the time. They look so cute in their costumes. Can you ask Mason if he'll also refrain from giving me tickets when he's a police officer?So sorry we weren't there for the usual halloween festivities with you.

  2. Okay, I love that pic of Milo sitting in the porch. And I also love that he was trying to get people to come to the door. He's such a cute boy. And mason mixing costumes? Awesome! And you were a pretty cute bug/fairy/whatever you were!

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