I am excited to announce that I was officially accepted into the Advertising program at school. I know it wasn’t the most intense application process, but to me the fact that being denied would ruin my whole future plans for life made it a little bit of a stress.

I was so worried in fact that I didn’t even pick up my letter until after class, thinking that if the letter was bad news I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in class at all.

Then as class was over and I started walking to the building to get my letter all I could think of was: I wish I had someone who would pick up my letter for me, read it and tell me what it says.

Well, obviously that wasn’t a possibility – so I went and picked it up. Opening the envelope right away but only opening the letter enough to read the first line. As if the potential bad news was going to jump out and bite me and I needed to be able to close it up and put it away quickly to avoid it. Yes, I’m a little strange I realize.

Anyway. Luckily it was totally awesome news and I instead began wishing I had someone to scream and jump up and down with me on the spot.

So there you have it. Once step down. Next week I have a meeting in which I’m sure I’ll be learning a little more about what the program entails and exactly how long it’ll take me to complete. And because I love punishment and stress, I’ll be going through a second application process after next semester to be admitted into the emphasis I desire.

And one day, I’ll be done and when that comes I’ll do the “look back and appreciate” thing.

But for now I’ll just be excited for the steps I’ve made and prepare myself for the steps to come!


4 thoughts on “woohoo!

  1. I'm so happy for you!!!Reading acceptance/rejection letters is always a bit nauseating for me. I don't want to read it, but I definitely don't want anyone else to read it either. I am the same way with my pass/fail letters for my licensing exams. Opening them up is more nerve wracking than taking the test!And by the way, what specialty do you want?

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