be nice.

I regularly read PostSecret. Today I was a little upset by the fact that there were no postcards posted, but in lieu he posted a video so I decided to watch. One of the postcards featured in the video said this…

“If I die, would there be anything you wished you would have said to me?”

It made me think about everyone in my life asking me this question and would I respond no or yes to them. And I decided that I don’t want to have to answer yes to anyone. Maybe a little dramatic and cheesy, but it’s true. Oh no. Have I become dramatic and cheesy? I must need something to help me back into some dry sarcasm…

Ok, enough wasting time when I should be studying.

And, fyi, I decided I still got it. Random and vague I know, but it has been on my mind and I decided announcing it will make it a blog memory. haha.


2 thoughts on “be nice.

  1. I do not like random and vague! I need to know what you "still got." I just saw you on Saturday – I feel I should have been informed about this.Also, loved your sentiments about that PS secret.

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