it’s that time of year again

Milo’s Birthday!

Wednesday my little Milo-pants turned five years old. He also took off the training wheels, for real this time (he did it a few weeks ago, but had Mason put them back on the next day). And true to his Milo-ness, he told everyone his birthday was really Saturday, but we were celebrating it on Wednesday (Saturday was his party).
For the party, Milo requested Spiderman at our house. And he’d like a puzzle for his present.
So Milo’s mom ran around all week in-between going to school, doing homework, attending a concert, applying for the advertising program to find Spiderman theme items and whatnot to pull off a home party for nine short attention span children.
Then one bag of Cheetos, nine cans of silly string, one giant spiderweb (made of crepe paper), half a container of Neapolitan ice cream (Milo’s choice), a couple dozen presents and five bags of trash later…I took a short nap at the kitchen counter.
Within the week Milo also celebrated his birthday being the line leader at school, having lunch at the Harley Davidson place with me, and dinner with Mason and I at the “peanut place” (Milo’s name for Texas Roadhouse). He also informed me the next day that he was now 5 1/2.
Here’s a few pics of the birthday adventures…
Milo at dinner. He told me the next day really wished he could have told Hollie she was pretty (Hollie was our very nice waitress).
My favorite picture of Milo riding. Mason was so nice helping him get started and telling him how good he was doing.

This one is a little blurry, but the look on Milo’s face is awesome.

Milo playing with a few of his presents – the ninja swords were the highlight!

So, to make a long post longer, I can’t end without saying a few words about my Milo.

Milo is still the silly kid. Easy to please, easy to get his feelings hurt, always able to brighten your day. He will try any food once, no reservations to taste or texture (some of his favorites are Havarti cheese, coconuts and mac & cheese). I’ve been worried he keeps getting skinnier and that someday he’ll lose his little cheeks; I often ask him if he’ll just stay little. So far, he seems to keep growing up but keeps me somewhat content with his funny comments.

Here’s some of the one’s from this week – keep in mind this is just a sampling…

-If I didn’t have any ears, my hat would fall down.

-Are you anyone’s mom? (yes Milo, I’m your mom.) But are you anyone else’s mom? (yes, I’m also Mason’s mom) But I mean, are you anyone else’s mom?

-I switched flip flops to ride my bike, these one’s will protect my feet better.

-I just pulled a piece of food out of my teeth with my finger.

Love you Milo-head!


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