soccer mom, minus the van.

Well, with 100% of my children now in soccer, practice twice a week and two games every Saturday (yes, please pity the fact that I have no day off anymore), I guess I’m a real soccer mom.

And how funny is it that these are the numbers my kids ended up with? Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Mason’s favorite part so far is the squirt bottles filled with water that some of the moms have brought to keep the kids cool. Almost every morning Milo wakes up and asks if it’s time for soccer practice. Last Saturday when I went down to wake him up the mention of an actual soccer game had him jumping out of bed with the most excitement I’ve ever seen (and if you know Milo, you know mornings aren’t usually his thing). Both of them beg me after each game to let them wear their uniforms for the rest of the day. Funny kids.


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