I’m sitting at the kitchen table working on math homework.

Enter Mason and his neighbor friend…

Mason (holding two random pieces of plasic together to form a container): We found a really weird spider in the sand box.

Friend: Yeah, it’s green.

Me (thinking only of the idea of it crawling out of the container): Ew, get it out of here.

Mason: We are. (as he takes a roll of scotch tape outside with him)

I really dislike spiders. Even pictures of them give me the creeps. I guess now at least I know Mason doesn’t share the same fear.

Yuck. Blah. Ew.


3 thoughts on “ew.

  1. he left with a roll of scotch tape? was he planning on taping the nasty green spider to the ground? or perhaps he planned to "laminate" it in order to preserve it while it sits on display in his room.

  2. I assumed it was to tape the make-shift container together. I went out later to find Mason looking for a tool to make a hole for it to breathe and his friend announcing the spider was dead.

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