Have you ever made a choice, then immediately regretted it? And even though you could go back on your decision you didn’t because you know you had to make it.

Well I did. It sucks.

It’s like someone forced me into a decision I didn’t want – but that someone is myself.

Confused? Oh yeah, I’m in that boat too.

One day I will look back and be proud of my decisions. I will be happy that I listened to my inner self. Seems like I think about “one day” a lot lately.

Alright, therapy session over, back to life (and by life, I mean math homework).


4 thoughts on “decisions

  1. True, I am good for free therapy.I think I know the type of situation you are talking about – and it sucks.But of course I'd love to know more specifics at our next rendezvous! Hope things are okay.

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