party time

Mason never wavered once in his birthday party choice. He wanted a bowling party. I thought it was a little funny since he never really goes bowling, but I didn’t have to clean my house or think of games to play for hours – so no complaints from my end.

The other request from Mason for his party was that his Poppi come and do face painting. Mason sure knows how to please a crowd of kids!

And no Rudy event is complete without some Milo-ness. If you’re wondering what in the world he’s doing…he’s showing how strong his muscles are. He did this after pretty much every turn. Notice the ramp to help him bowl? Yep, you’re super strong Milo.
Mason missed one candle and one of the boys yelled out, “That means you have one girlfriend!” This was probably one of my favorite moments of the party.

Mason enjoying his cake next to is super rad bowling pin. The bowling alley gave us this to have all the kids sign for Mason.

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