deja vu

If you cannot tell what is pictured above, let me help you out – it’s the receipt I was given when I retrieved my car after it was towed last night because I parked somewhere I wasn’t supposed to.

Let’s add to that I attended a soccer game where I listened to the group I was with talk about BYU fans and missions.

And then I will add that after the game I also listened to them talk about who was getting engaged and what wedding receptions were coming up.

And then I had a thought…towings, missions, engagements…did I just get my initiation back into college? Weird.

I’m not sure if I should feel happy that I can somehow fit into this crowd still or oddly worried that it happened.


2 thoughts on “deja vu

  1. Those “Speedy” people are crazy! They tried to tow my friends car off while we were sitting in my car parked right next to it talking… He told her to move it or he’d charge her 80 bucks to take the boot off…. They get a little too excited about their job perhaps?

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