bath nap

So it’s Friday night at about 11:50 and I’m doing what I normally do about this time: halfway watching TV while looking for some miscellaneous thing online when one thought leads to another and I realize I don’t remember saying prayers with Mason. Wait, I don’t even remember him ever saying goodnight to me before going to bed. Now that I think about it I don’t remember him coming downstairs after his shower. Weird.

So I walk down the hallway to his room to find the light on and him not there. Next thought is that he probably decided to be sneaky and sleep in my room tonight, but as I walk up the stairs I realize my room light is on and I don’t see him in my bed. Then I as I walk into my room I see the bathroom light on and the door shut. And I open the door and find this:

Sweet little Mason fell asleep right out of the shower while his crazy-brained mom didn’t even realize for hours. Wow. Where has my mind gone lately?


6 thoughts on “bath nap

  1. That may be one of my favorite pictures on your blog yet. I would love to know how he decided to lay down after getting out of the shower. And hey, don’t worry about not remembering him – you did EVENTUALLY. And he wasn’t harmed 🙂

  2. So mander, he always gets out of the shower and curls up inside his towel on the carpet until he feels warm enough to get dressed – guess he just never got to that step…and kotter, LOL (honestly, I really did.)

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