pretty please with a cherry on top.

So my teacher said this doesn’t work, but I’m going to give it a go anyway…

In my Mass Comm class we have this super exciting group project to create a website about anything we want, add continuous content, send emails for updates and hope people read our emails and visit our site.

Here’s my problem: I ended up in a group who thought it’d be a great idea to provide students with website to keep them in the know with what’s going down in the super rad music scene in the Provo area. Good idea? Sure it is. Only problem is I don’t currently associate with students who care about the local Provo music scene.

So here’s my solution: I will put all my fellow blogger friends to the test. Are you up to it? Ready to read emails you care nothing about and follow the link to a website that’s even less interesting to you (unless of course you happen to be a random Provo student that I don’t know likes to read my blog)?

And here’s what’s in it for you: You can read me blog about music I like. Awesome! I mean what could be cooler than getting to know me and my local music tastes? Not much. And you can also judge me on how well my writing may or may not be getting through the attendance of my current journalism class. And as an extra bonus, maybe a few of you will even get into the local scene yourself – how can you beat a date that involves a concert for only around $5 a person?

Sounds totally wicked right? Ok, then get clickin people…

Don’t forget to subscribe to the site so you can keep up with all the fun.

You guys are awesome, I knew I could count on you.


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