sharing stress

So here’s the deal, like it or not.

I have a really hard time blogging anything not happy. Not that my posts are always happy – but sometimes I just want to post about how my life sucks. Then I worry that I’m going to have to hear comments about how sorry people are that I think my life sucks. I don’t like comments. I know that my life is maybe not as I wish it would be, but I also know there’s a lot of positive things about my life. I mostly try to focus on the positive, but sometimes I have days that just make it hard. So you know what I do? I read one of my favorite blogs, Have Joy (yes Nikki it’s true) and I feel better. Not because it makes me see the positive (which it can) but because I realize that I’m not the only one who has the feelings I do. Honestly I want to copy and paste her blogs and post them as mine all the time. I read them and wish I could post about crappy days in my life and not worry about what anyone’s going to say to me.

But I have a hard time doing it. So I try to skip over everything sad and stressful and upsetting and just post funny and random and crazy instead. And you know what – tonight I read Have Joy and thought, I want to be like Nikki when I grow up. I want to post what I’m thinking as I’m thinking it. I want to post when it’s funny and sad and random and stressful. So…

[insert stressed out upsetting thoughts here]

I’m sorry. I have them. I even started typing them. Then I deleted them. Baby steps people. Hey, at least now you know you can semi know what I’m sometimes thinking by reading someone else’s blog. That’s a plus right?


6 thoughts on “sharing stress

  1. I don’t think that everyone expects anyone to only post about positive, happy, great things. I love blogs that are open and real.And you do such a great job with keeping your blog so positive.Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

  2. Yeah, life sucks sometimes. I like Nikki’s blog too – there are times I read it and I think, “Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what it feels like.” Good job on the baby steps. Maybe one day you and me both will be able to do what Nikki does.

  3. Oh see Holly, it’s not these comments I mind – it’s the comments I get in person that scare me away from posting my thoughts.

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