go jazz!

Ha. I tricked you all. You thought I was going to post something about the playoffs, or the actual team didn’t you? Well, while I am no NBA smarty, I do know that the Jazz are out already. So there.

My actual post starts out with a story about our family trip to Red Mango. If you don’t know what Red Mango is, you are missing out. It’s super yummy. I had my doubts the first time I walked in. Then I ordered. Then I ate it. Yum. Ooooo. Just thinking about it makes me want some. So of course I naturally sign up to get their texts about deals going on (I seem to do this quite frequently now that my texts are unlimited, I have sort of an addiction.) Then tonight I get a text saying they are opening tonight and between 7-9 I could go in and get a free yogurt. Well, it just so happened that Mason’s soccer game was over right about 7:00, so over we headed. I expected one free yogurt and then I’d pay for the our other ones. Not only did we get all our yogurt (and toppings) free, they also had….
are you so excited?
Thurl Bailey!
Now, I’m not a big Jazz fan, as you may have caught from my previous comments, but my kids thought it was really cool that a “real basketball player” was there for them to meet. And obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to get my silly short kiddos in a picture with a crazy tall person.

And since I’m sure you’d like to know my secret Red Mango combo…any flavor with mango chunks or pomogranate seeds.


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