staying busy

So I haven’t even found out my grades for last semester and I start school again tomorrow. Very exciting. On a side note, I think that I was bored in the week I didn’t have school. Weird. I did a little yard work, tried to reorganize/clean the garage, cleaned the storage room, sold things online, gave away things online, re-cleaned and reorganized the garage again, bought a dresser for Mason, decided to take the dresser back, cleaned out my closet, made a DI run… I also tried to hang a few shelves myself, then I realized I don’t own a stud-finder [insert joke here], also weird since I am in possession of tools that I don’t even know how to use correctly. Anyway…


2 thoughts on “staying busy

  1. It’s amazing the things you can get done when you don’t have school! (In my case it’s amazing the amount of tv on dvd I can watch without school.)Also, I can’t believe school starts again TOMORROW! Good luck!

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