anyone for mac & cheese?

The other day after Milo got home from preschool he asked to play with a friend. I was outside chatting with my neighbor so I told him to run inside and use the bathroom first, then he could go play. About five minutes later Milo came running outside, looking as if he were about to cry.

“How do you turn the microwave off?!”
“Milo did you try to cook something in the microwave?”
“I don’t know how to make it turn off, it just keeps going!”

So I hurry inside worried I’m going to find something on fire or exploding inside my microwave. I found lots of smoke, a very unpleasant smell and this:

That was Wednesday. My kids still comment every time we walk in the door from being gone, “it smells in here”. Yes, I know it does. Yum.


9 thoughts on “anyone for mac & cheese?

  1. Burned plastic is probably much worse than burned popcorn :)Wow, that kid really cooked his mac & cheese good – I've never seen something that bad in a microwave πŸ™‚

  2. Jack did this with a sausage biscuit at about Milo’s age and there were actually flames in the microwave. He set it for 20 minutes. And came yelling “Make the microwave stop it’s on fire!!” The good news is the smell does fade. Totally different subject, can you please email me because our lovely computer crashed the other day and I lost all my contacts!! I love technology. Luckily your blog address was easy for me to remember.

  3. sounds just like when mom tried to reheat tortilla chips in the oven and didn’t set the timer. so they caught on fire and michael had to put it out and the whole house smelled like burnt whatever.

  4. LOL! The last time I saw food that black, was about five years ago when I left a batch of french fries in the oven over night :o) We’re just keeping it real. I like the music on your blog. Cute pictures. Good luck with your school projects.TERRY

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