oh my mason.

Every Friday Mason goes to the library at school. While there he turns in his book from last week and finds a new one to check out. I used to be somewhat suprised by the books he picked, rarely ever were they typical picture books. Almost every week, last year and this one, he has picked non-fiction. Books about everything from tornados to elephants to cars. Since this has been going on for almost two years now I’ve gotten used to Mason’s book picks, hoping that maybe this means he’ll love school forever (ha).


Then comes Friday this week. Here is what Mason brought home.
Now once again I am somewhat suprised by his book choice. I mean, I know I’ve been told what a good reader he is. And I know he’s gotten into chapter books. But usually the chapter books he reads have pictures every so often, he can finish them within a few days and somewhere within the book it says its for an age group around his age of 6. And now my motherly whatevers have kicked in. At one point I’m happy that he’s able to actually read a book like this with almost no help; but on the flipside I worry that he will get frustrated with its length or that the content is either above his understanding or will scare him. What the? What happened to a first grader just picking out a colorful book with a story written in silly rhyme form about a dog?

One thought on “oh my mason.

  1. toby has done the same type of thing. and at first i was excited he was reading something above his grade level. til i realized he was just reading and not comprehending any of it cuz of the big words. and i wouldn’t even let E read harry potter past the 3rd one. (p.s. that blue txt on black background is killing my eyes!)

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