it finally happened…

You know how sometimes you drive too fast, faster than you know you should be driving? Then after a while you think, “one of these days I’m going to get a speeding ticket”. No? Well, maybe it’s just me then. But I always figure the odds keep adding up until they are pretty against me. I feel lucky if I don’t get one, but I still think in my mind – one of these days.

Anyway, lets take that same idea and apply it to Mason, my daredevil child. I have always figured that one day I will be taking him to the ER. Actually, not just one day but many days within his youthful existence. As of January 20, 2009 the odds had been in our favor. Then welcome January 21, 2009 at around 9:05 am.

Yes, let me tell you how lovely it is to be called about 15 minutes after your child has left for school – you yourself not quite ready to leave the house (aka: dressed in pj’s, hair a wreck, no makeup, morning breath & glasses) – and told that your child has fallen and probably needs stitches. It’s quite lovely. So off I go (feeling Katie will be very proud of me for not getting ready before leaving the house, *wink wink.
So I picked Mason up from school and headed to the ER. The whole way there pretty much Mason cried out of sheer fear of the word stitches. He did calm down a little when I told him I’d take a picture so he could see the cut for himself.

Then, after talking up the nurse for a good 10-15 min and being showed into a room where he was given a remote to control his TV he became happier.

Two stitches, not bad. He kept asking the doctor to please stop while he was numbing and stitching him up. A nice nurse stepped in and started asking him questions to get his mind off it all.

Suckers and band-aids, not a bad ending.

And after all that, Mason told me twice how I was right – stitches aren’t that bad. Lesson I take from all this? Remind Mason as he gets older that at one point in his life he told me I was right.

6 thoughts on “it finally happened…

  1. I feel your pain.. Cole has the EXACT scar, but they were able to glue his shut…Glad it all went well. Sounds like he’s also taking after his Dad starting early with the trips to the ER. I am surprised he’s escaped it this long.. Little dare devil on his bike… Get better soon Mason!!!

  2. I believe it was inevitable, but I am glad he only ended up with two stitches, poor kid!And, you are going to get a speeding ticket one day too – just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  3. And p.s. that little tear rolling down his cheek in the first picture is so sad!AND, good for you going out of the house not ready. You are like the rest of us now πŸ™‚

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