because it’s thursday, that’s why.

Because I want to pretend like I have nothing better to do than waste time on the internet. That’s it. No homework. No studying. No applications for school. No sleep to catch up on. Nope. Absolutely nothing to do but look for randomness to share. So be happy, start your long weekend a few smiles early, enjoy…


5 thoughts on “because it’s thursday, that’s why.

  1. grossly hilarious! i was trying to think of something to describe my thoughts of that picture. thank you smarty pants with all that special word talk you know.

  2. van?! absolutly absurd. this is a scion xb. i’m suprised you didn’t know that, car lover. and although the dino spikes are quite enticing, i’ll probably have to keep my 4runner for now. but i do have to add, i’ve had one of those cars (obviously without all the extras) before and i totally loved it!

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