will you look at that!

I have finally figured out how to add multiple pictures in slide show format. School really is making me smarter. That, and I learned all about gravity and how they chose which books they wanted in the New Testament back in the day (their Canon of scripture). But please don’t probe me much further than those basic ideas. Twenty-five (yes it sounds exciting, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be) awe-inspiring pages later and I’m still a little unsure about which books were belived to be written by apostles and such and which ones were belived to be made up. Or who thought what and which one belived in which canon. I’m not even sure I know exactly what the word canon means still. Gravity, on the other hand, I think I’m begining to understand ok. I guess I’ll have to see how that one goes as I attend more classes…

Anyway – I just wanted to give a little update on what we’ve been up to. Disneyland was definatly the highlight of our last week. Mason loved every ride and was very bummed he wasn’t tall enough for the Indiana Jones ride. His idea was for me to buy him a Mickey Mouse hat so that the ears would make him tall enough. So clever that child. Milo also rode every ride he could, although that limited him from every roller coaster except the Matterhorn (which he loved).

I was so worried that they would be scared of all the rides since this was their first time at an amusement park of any kind. Mason’s first roller coaster was Space Mountain. This especially worried me because not only was I scared of it my first time, but I had heard that they had made it faster recently. It was hard for me to know what he was thinking since it was loud and completly dark. It seemed like his first reaction as we got off was shock and slightly scared. But I think after getting over that and realizing everyone else’s excitement he decided that he loved it and wanted to go again!

My favorite Milo story of the trip was his excitement for Tinkerbell. I’m not quite sure exactly where his love for Tinkerbell started, but it seemed awfully close to the time that his preschool teacher decided to dress up as her for Halloween. Then one day he told my mom he wanted to marry Tinkerbell. Well Milo, I say not a bad choice. So we wait in line for over an hour to meet Tinkerbell. Milo is as grumpy as ever the WHOLE entire time in line. Right when he sees Tinkerbell though, his whole entire attitude changes. He is all smiles, as happy as he could possibly be. Then he shares with her his idea on the whole marriage thing. She was so sweet and told him that when he gets older he could come back and she’d be waiting. He even got a few hugs in. Funny Milo.

So three days at Disneyland, four and a half days with family, countless lines and non-stop snacks to keep the kids busy and one breakfast filled with lots of characters (and of course autographs) and now home again. Thanks to my mom and dad for our exciting Christmas present – it was crazy but it was fun!



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