ok, i recede

It’s been quite a while since my boys have had haircuts. And the last one they had, right before picture time, was only a trim. Why is this? Because I’ve always had the thought that Mason’s hair is perfect for that crazy shag/punk/anime-esque hairstyle (I can picture it in my head, ok). So what became the problem? Well my boys finally found something they are united in – running away laughing when I get anywhere near them with hair product. Mason adds another notch by telling me he likes his hair flat, while combing it or flattening it with his hands. So Mason, you win this round – but don’t you get used to it…

3 thoughts on “ok, i recede

  1. Hahahaha. They are so cute with their shaggy hair! Maybe one day you’ll talk them into hair product. You just have to make them think it’s their idea πŸ™‚

  2. I have no idea what to do with Isaac’s hair…thus the constant buzz. And he cries even when I do that. Your boys always look cute…shaggy or buzzed! I love the picture of them passed out in the back seat on Christmas. That’s exactly how I felt.

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