random and more random

I was asked to share 6 random things in a tag recently. My only problem? I am way more random than can be shared with only 6 little thoughts. So here are a few – but don’t you worry, these aren’t nearly all (or as strange as they get).

1: I am allergic to my own dog. Yes, you heard that right. Every time I pet, am touched by, or bathe my dog I break out in a hive-type rash. As long as I don’t itch it at all it usually goes away in about a half hour or so. Its fun.

2: I choose crunchy peanut butter over smooth any day.

3: Allowing kids to stir things like oatmeal or mac and cheese make me cringe. I don’t like when the stuff on the side doesn’t get fully stirred in with everything else.

4: I love fonts. I never want to use standard ones. Like, ever.

5: Situps are one of my favorite things to do. Pushups are not.

6: I hope one day to own an old FJ Cruiser – but fix it up with a sweet lift and totally wicked wheels.


4 thoughts on “random and more random

  1. See what happens when you read blogs first thing in the morning.. when I read number 5, I read it saying “stirrups are one of my favorite things”, wheew it was the push ups that put it all back into perspective.Thank Goodness

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