I am thankful for…

I know I’m late – but I just don’t care – because I wanted to share some things (among many things) that I feel thankful for.
I’m thankful for my helper.

And my comic relief.

Oh, and of course Thanksgiving dinner (ALL of it) because its pretty much one of my favorite things to eat.


7 thoughts on “I am thankful for…

  1. That picture of Milo is so stinking cute! I wish I had one of my kids like that but I just never thought of it. So here is a cheers to you for thinking of all the small moments.

  2. Your “Comic Relief” is a much better name for Milo! Much better than “Nerd” like Erik used to call him… He’s such a cutie.. Send Mason our way, we have beds he can make over here… You do have lots to be thankful for… So happy you can see them! But don’t forget.. The boys are thankful to have a wonderful Mom!

  3. Ha. the funny thing about that picture is that I didn’t think of it either. The lady in front of me was laughing at him and said, Oh that would be a funny picture. And me being the prepared one (or so forgetful I always keep my camera with me so I don’t leave it home) was ready to capture one of Crazy Milo’s moments.

  4. Ha Carine. If you take a closer look at Milo’s picture you will see there are TV dinners and Hot Pockets. I’m not sure if those things co-exist with beautiful tasty turkeys in the same house.

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