viva la vida

So, how was your Saturday evening? Mine, well it was pretty good. I spent the evening rocking out & singing at the top of my lungs along with Coldplay! Ok, so it was a little better than pretty good. It was excellent, fabulous, awesome, best night in a long time…
And of course, because we all enjoy the visual, here’s a few photos from the night…

I know this photo may not really capture it, but Katie was excited as well.

Opening song

For a moment the band disappeared – only to reappear climbing up the stairs to perform a song right in the middle of the audience!

One of the last songs played and they dropped all these paper butterflies onto the crowd – very cool.

So thanks Katie for inviting me to tag along with you to the concert (and share your chocolate cake)…don’t forget to wear our new matching shirts next time!


5 thoughts on “viva la vida

  1. Oh my I am so freaking jealous! I wanted to see Coldplay so bad, but instead I was at the home of one of my Husband’s coworkers watching the Cougars lose. Boo. It looks like you had fun! By the way about you ladies being single, I may be able to help both of you out. I know a few kind (single) men who also love Coldplay, I’m sure they would love to meet you two. Give me a call Emily.

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