it’s official!

As of about 2 am MST I officially became a registered, class attending, homework procrastinating, test cramming student.

Please join me in feeling a few of the emotions present when I think about this…


17 thoughts on “it’s official!

  1. Those pictures sum it up so perfectly! I am so excited for you – I think it can get a little tough, but you are SO strong enough to do it. If you ever want someone who can relate – I am there for you :)And also, 2AM? Why do they do that??

  2. That is awesome!! If you ever need some peace and quit to study in please bring your kids over to play. Our kids would love the company and you could get some studying done and enjoy some peace and quit as well.Olsen’s

  3. So perfectly described. You are going to love being back in school!!! I miss it! I keep threatening to go back but after putting me through one graduate program, my husband still needs time to heal emotionally!! Good luck!

  4. Congratulations! Wow all those emotions tied to just one step taken. I totally agree but get confused when I feel so many things for just one thing. Wow did that make any sense? Well good luck with school. Enjoy!

  5. I’m way excited for you! BYU is a great school. My husband and I met there, in fact he also majored in Wildlife Conservation and he works for the Division of Utah Wildlife. It’s a fun career. You should really update your blog I love reading about your kiddos and all the fun things you guys are doing. Good luck with school!

  6. Haha! that comment about my major is a joke – my choice in degree is not yet a solid decision, but the update will come when it is, don’t you all worry…

  7. welcome to the club. currently im the president looking for a v.p.- you interested? school will be worth it- i keep telling myself that- ill let you know when i survive and graduate in a year!

  8. Just thought I would let you know, Hudson is finally potty trained and he is so excited to be big like Milo. We need to let our boys play so more. My boys love playing with your boys. Oh ya and congrats on going back to school.

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