this one’s for you manda

So I have this friend who I’ve been thinking about doing a post on for a while now. I’ve never had a real clever reason to do one, until now. But last week I went out with some friends I’ve know pretty much ever since I went to Utah. This dinner outing resulted in Amanda doing a fabulous post on not only the evening, but adding some wonderful pictures of our past as well. And since within this post she asked me for a few lovely pictures of my own, I figure what better time than now to not only reminisce of embarrassing pictures of the past, but also share a little about this great friend I like to call Manda.

6th grade – the begining. And although they are not present in this picture, I totally remember us having one of those best friend necklaces where its a heart split in half.

High School Graduation

Roasting marshmallows with candles in our dorm room – one of the less strange things we did as roommates.

Our second round as roommates – Manda, I use this pic because I know you will appreciate the memories associated with the other two we shared the apartment with.

And here we are at dinner a few nights ago.

I love Amanda, and here are just some of the reasons why…

She has the funniest posts (see here and here for some of my favorite examples) and a very random blog that I can wholy identify with (except team britney, sorry to let you down).

She never likes being called Mandy, hence the reason I choose Manda as my choice nickname.

There has never, ever, been I time when we have run out of things to discuss and chat about – useless to society or random as they may be.

We share a love for mashed potatos & sarcasm.

Sometimes she lets me use her for her dozen or so degrees and certificates she has, and gives me advice like any wonderful therapist would normally do for money.

The fact that we chose to be roommies not once but twice – this says a lot about how well we get along I think.

so manda panda…hope you feel special that you are my first person post ever! and you better enjoy the pictures because it took some extra special time within my very busy day to look for and scan them into my computer just for you.


5 thoughts on “this one’s for you manda

  1. Oh my goodness! I love this post SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are seriously too sweet. You remembered such funny things about me. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to focus on ME.It’s true, we’ve never run out of things to talk about. And I am pretty sure we would have been roomies much longer if you wouldn’t gotten married. I love you, Em.And SERIOUSLY – Tanya and Karletta. ‘Nuff said.Oh, and the first picture – probably the worst picture of me in my life – but I am proud to have it on your blog.

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