fabulous friday fun

Bored are you? You must be if you are reading my blog on Friday night. Or maybe you are just extra cool like me and love to sit at home and spend hours on end staring at the computer screen. Either way, to add a little extra time to your nightly clicking fun I present you with this wonderful link –

Number One

And I’d let you look up my birthday to give you even more fun stuff to do, but I’ll just tell you now… I LOVE ROCK ‘N ROLL!

Ok, now that I’ve shared – I expect you to do the same…

(and thanks to Deena for the link)


5 thoughts on “fabulous friday fun

  1. We are kindred spirits my friends, as I am home on a Friday night reading blogs. And I don’t even have kids. Mine is “Eye of the Tiger”. And Em, I had already looked yours up when you sent me that email – so we are totally bff.

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