baby food anyone?

Today I was reading the Sunday paper (yes a little late I know) and I came across a recipe. As I was glancing at exactly what it was I started reading the ingredients. Then I came across the best ingredient ever, banana baby food. I read over the ad and recipe again, and again. For some reason I thought maybe I would come across the part about it being a recipe for the little ones. No such information to be found. And although baby food initial sounds so gross, I tried to have the thought that maybe banana just wasn’t that bad. But then I thought – what’s so hard about buying a real banana and mushing it up?


3 thoughts on “baby food anyone?

  1. Oddly enough, just this morning I tried to mash up a banana and feed it to baby for breakfast and he would not have it. Apparently he only wants the chiqata stuff from a bottle. maybe the recipe can tell the difference too?

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