green bean ice cream

A brief clip of the dinner conversation yesterday:

Mason: Are we having green beans?
Me: yes. (with stress in my voice of a mother who expects a moan to follow her answer)
Mason: Yummy! I love green beans!
Me (in my head): wow that was easier than I thought.

Then later in the eating process…

Mason: I think I might just have green beans for dessert!

I thought that was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time, especially considering that I didn’t even think the green beans turned out that well – but you know, if the kids eat them I figure let them. What a nice mom I am.


4 thoughts on “green bean ice cream

  1. Wow, hair crimping pictures, huh? I am sure those are pretty. I need to go through my old stuff and see if I can find those pics. I am sure they are marvelous.

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