milo, milo, milo…

Sometimes I feel bad for Milo. It seems like he’s always getting the short end of the stick. From the day he was born he was stuck with hand-me-down blanket, clothing & toys. And it doesn’t just end with using Mason’s old stuff…Mason always has had his solo time (like the date we went on) or he gets to pick things first and Milo ends up getting talked into the other option. I explain this because once again I feel like he’s been left a little behind. The problem (or lack of) is that he has never cared. Because that is Milo.

See, Milo celebrated his birthday September 9th. And yes, I know – most parents have big long blogs when their children have a birthday. Well, this year Milo’s birthday happened to be the day before my trip. So I never really got the chance to sit down and write my Milo tribute.

But in not writing it on time I almost feel like that makes it all the more Milo. Because Milo is one of the happiest, most unconcerned silly little boys I know. Everywhere he goes, everyone he meets, it seems like I hear comments about how funny he is and how much everyone loves him. I try to pin down what he does that makes him so lovable.

He is goofy. He is messy. He is random. Erik used to say he was a little on the ditzy side. No matter what he does he seems to always be making someone laugh. Just within the last week Milo has done the following things:

-asked me why animals make different noises and why do we talk different than them

-while in the middle of class at preschool he took off his shoes and started dancing to the music his teacher had put on

-he told me (after I said he needed to hurry and eat lunch before he left for school) that he had to feed Jack “or else he will get hungry while I’m at school”

-sat down and introduced himself to a random couple at an ice cream place.

The best thing about all these examples is that each and every time he is so serious. He never seems to think anything he does is out of the ordinary.

So yes, this blog may be a little slow coming – but so is Milo anytime you try to walk somewhere with him. Happy fourth year Milo!

Milo being Milo, of course!

Mason unwrapping the present he got Milo…

…a new monkey!

And Mason being the helpful big brother.


10 thoughts on “milo, milo, milo…

  1. I love your boys and you so much.Thanks Emily for keeping this site up. I can always count on a laugh or a warm feeling deep down inside each time I read one of your blogs.Debbie Kaefer

  2. Happy late Birthday to Milo!! He is a precious little boy. I wondered what they would think of me the first time I met them. I figured they would be like most children, and not really talk to me. That was not the case. I felt like they had known me forever. And I don’t think he is ditzy I think he is like we should all strive to be happy and carefree!! I know I have said it before, but Jack and Milo could be great friends!!

  3. What a lovely post! I too have two very different boys who are like night and day. It is so fun to see what they are becoming and how their personalities are developing!

  4. The build-a-bear monkey is so cute. Great job, Mason.And Milo totally has a loveable quality to him. Don’t know what it is, but you just want to pick him up and squeeze him, or have a good conversation with him.

  5. Second children are the best! They are SO laid back and easy going. I bought Matthew a pair of jeans a couple of months ago and it took 10 minutes to convince him that the new jeans were for him and not his big brother! Happy birthday big Milo boy! I can’t believe he is 4!

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