crossing the pond

Some of you may know that recently inside my head have been thoughts of taking a trip to the UK. What most of you may not know – until now – is that Saturday I received my passport, and yesterday (thanks to Taylor, my new favorite cousin) I booked my flight. I am more excited than I can even describe.

If you will take a memory trip back with me a few (ok, seven) years…I lived at a little apartment complex near BYU called King Henry. During my summer months there I had the pleasure of having two lovely British girls as my roommates. I have not only kept in contact with them ever since, I have also dreamed of the day when I could visit them in England. And Wednesday my journey to fulfilling that dream will begin.
So did I mention how excited I am?

11 thoughts on “crossing the pond

  1. Ah! I am SO excited for you. You are going to have such a blast. Make sure to take lots and lot of pictures to share with me. It was so good to see you this week – we’ll have to do it again ASAP when you get back :)HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  2. I’m soooo jealous. Maybe you can pick up some dr. martens (isn’t that wear they are made?) and bring them back into style or you could pick up an English accent like Brittney Spears. Oh well, pip pip cheerio’.

  3. I guess one thing I have learned from this past summer is how important it is to take the time to take the trips and go to places that you’ve always wanted to. We’re here to do those kinds of things and be happy. Hurray for your UK trip! Have a blast!

  4. Oh…I love when dreams suddenly become reality! Europe is so amazing. Every time I go it is only a matter of hours before I am dreaming of going back and what I want to do next. Enjoy every delicious moment!

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