crossing the pond


Some of you may know that recently inside my head have been thoughts of taking a trip to the UK. What most of you may not know – until now – is that Saturday I received my passport, and yesterday (thanks to Taylor, my new favorite cousin) I booked my flight. I am more excited than I can even describe.

If you will take a memory trip back with me a few (ok, seven) years…I lived at a little apartment complex near BYU called King Henry. During my summer months there I had the pleasure of having two lovely British girls as my roommates. I have not only kept in contact with them ever since, I have also dreamed of the day when I could visit them in England. And Wednesday my journey to fulfilling that dream will begin.

So did I mention how excited I am?

One thought on “crossing the pond

  1. Oh…I love when dreams suddenly become reality! Europe is so amazing. Every time I go it is only a matter of hours before I am dreaming of going back and what I want to do next. Enjoy every delicious moment!

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