In case no one knew, I just love my boys. Growing up I was a totally girly-girl, so boys weren’t really my first pick – but I’m so glad I have them. If I had girls I’d have no one to go on dates with and no one to open all my doors (Mason even opens my car door for me when I get out of the car). And not that I need more reasons, but I recently got a few pictures to show just a glimpse of why I do…

First, here’s Milo being Milo. Oftentimes I am driving, listening to the radio and whatnot – and I suddenly tune into the back seat. There’s Milo quietly talking away to whatever he happens to have brought along for the ride that day. This day I turned around and saw what is pictured below. I love it for one, because of his funny stuffed animal – a ferret he immediately named Jack (why I’m not quite sure). The other reason is because Jack is buckled up in the middle seat belt. His animals always ride safely – more often than not they are actually buckled up in his seatbelt with him. And to top it all off, he has his little arm around his pal. All this I saw when I turned around – what a silly kid.

Then a couple of days later I go into Mason’s room to get his PJ’s out and I find what is pictured below in the middle of his floor. Well, he does love cars so I figure this is just pretty funny. Then after he gets out of the shower and comes downstairs I inquire about it. After asking if he made it he responds, with a big smile, “Yes, its a heart, I made it for you because I love you.” Oh man – what would I do if I didn’t have such a sweetie around to say nice things and compliment me all the time? Yes, he also gives compliments. He tells me frequently how much he loves me and how I’m the best mommy ever (I’ve tricked him well). He also told me the other night that he wants to marry me when he gets older – and although that will obviously not work, I’ve always heard about kids saying stuff like that so I figure with that phrase my life is pretty much complete.

And there you have it. Silliness and compliments – who doesn’t love that?

13 thoughts on “awww….

  1. EmilyWe went to pick up the dog he had a sleep over with the Jacksons while we were out of town. Mason was riding his bike and saw Joe and I and came over to talk to us. I sold my Jeep and bought a new car and Mason was checking it out and told Joe he drove a sweet Subaru. He is an amazing young man.

  2. Hey Emily,This is Rache, Andrea Harker’s sister. Anyway, random but i just found out you went to Highschool with my husband and all his friends! Tyler cook, Logan Hales ect. It’s such a small world! How are you doing? The boys are getting so big

  3. Emily, This is Melanie Heiner. I know you barely know me, and don’t think I’m weird, but I’ve thought about you a lot in the past months. You are in my prayers.It was so good to find your blog through Andrea’s. Your boys are so sweet!

  4. So funny and cute! I love the ferret all buckled in safely. And the incredible “heart of cars”. I apparently have not trained my boys as well as yours are. I’m going to get on that…

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