hello school

So I survived!
I only include me the statement because I don’t think it was really something Mason or Milo worried about at all. Carpool is fine (no kids forgotten yet), Mason loves having two recesses and a lunch at school. Such little things to excite children…the other thing Mason is loving about school is the fact that he has a brand new alarm clock that wakes him up each morning. Oh, if only these things could be so exciting when he gets older (I will try my hardest to remind him just how much he loved them, but I don’t think it will weigh in very well in the teenage years).
And through this whole first week of school here’s my favorite memory…
The first day I took the traditional “first day” picture, as seen here:

That night I FINALLY cut the boys hair – something that had needed to be done weeks prior. The next morning as Mason was leaving for school his thought was this…”Mom, can you take another picture of me? That way I can have one with my haircut.” (He thought his hair looked too messy the first day.) I think he’s such a funny kid, the way he thinks about things I wouldn’t even think about. So here’s the second “first day” picture:


5 thoughts on “hello school

  1. Mason just has the cutest smile ever! So fun that he LOVED his first day of school…yeah recess and lunch were always a big hit with my fourth graders too! How funny that the alarm clock made it onto the list of things he liked as well. Glad you survived the “firsts” of school.

  2. Nice hair Mason. I would love messy hair because that would mean that I had hair ;o) You’re a little stud. Watch out for those fast girls during a game of kissing tag at recess.

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