speedy summer

So today we said goodbye to summer as we know it. We drove about two hours out to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the first day of Speed Week. This was our first year out – visiting for a special occasion. Frank (Erik’s dad) has a friend who bought and is racing a car this year, all in memory of Erik. Frank will be out there all week helping out and preparing the car for the races. Today was the technical day – they had to wait in line for hours to get everything checked out and get their “ok” to race. So after that was all over, we headed out to see what all the excitement is about. It was crazy to see up close and personal all the different race cars and stuff that are out there. Here are a few pics from today:

Notice they are both smiling. They didn’t look like this in the car ride over.

The biggest fans!

Mason tried to get Wendall to let him drive the four wheeler. Wendall is a little smarter than that, Mason.

Me and Wendall, the best racer out there. Thanks Wendall for making this all happen!


8 thoughts on “speedy summer

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I never knew they did that out there. From the looks on the boys faces it looks like they loved every minute. The race car looks amazing, and very nice that it’s in Erik’s honor!

  2. I’ve always heard about this event but have never gone. It looks so fun. I bet your boys LOVED it…lots and lots of fast cars. Sounds like a total “boy” kind of day!

  3. How Fun! I bet the boys loved that. We have a little 4-wheeler for the girls we will have to let Mason ride it (although it is pink) he probably wouldn’t like that.

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