woah, school

It seems I jinxed myself by saying the summer seemed too long. Now only two days and school is officially started. Origianlly I was so excited I almost couldn’t contain myself. Not that anything so exciting is going to happen – the simple fact that I will finally get to do the most boring things without children is good enough. I will now be able to go grocery shopping without hearing “Pleeeease can we have that?” every five seconds, clean the house and know that it can stay that way for least two hours (compared to the normal 10 minutes), and pull weeds without having to worry the boys are inside throwing food or fighting.

So now what’s the problem? Well, you know what they say about green grass….

Last night I had a sudden stress-out moment. Oh my! Only two days and every night the boys have to be in bed early enough to make sure they can get up and ready for school (stress out #1). Mason starts at 8 AM (ouch!) and will now be in school ALL day long. I have had many people mention to me how tired he will be while trying to get used to this (stress out #2) – add to the fact that he normally goes to bed around 10 at night – which I have been trying to change (stress out #3). Then there’s the carpooling – something I’ve never really done before (stress out #4) but am suddenly going to have to learn because I am now doing one for Mason and Milo. That means if I forget to pick up the kids, it won’t just be mine (stress out #5) – not that I do this all the time, but you know, what if? And I could just go on…

The biggest problem is that I didn’t even realize I was having all these stresses. Sounds weird maybe, but the super busy summer has just made me forget I guess. But now that the summer is over I feel like real life is begining. And just how am I supposed to handle that (stress out #153-376…)? Oh, crazy is as crazy does I guess.


6 thoughts on “woah, school

  1. I totally agree…I have lots of moments during the summer where I can’t wait for school to start and then when it finally happens I just want to take it all back! I hate carpools, packing lunches, going to bed early, and homework. Isn’t there some other way to get grocery shopping done and clean houses without all the other stuff??

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