my hot date

So I was asked out on a date for tonight. The plan started out as dinner at Tepanyaki and a movie. Well, the movie my date wanted to see (Space Chimps) was not playing anywhere so we had to come up with a Plan B. My date suggested we go to the mall.

“Why the mall?” I asked.
“Because there’s an arcade there,” he replied.
“But there is no where to eat there,” I said.
“Yes there is, there’s that Wendy’s place – or whatever it’s called. We can just eat there.”
So I came up with a Plan C. Lovely Boondocks. A little classier than the mall arcade and “Wendy’s” (although I think he was referring to Chikfil-a) – but not much. Although I do think I saw a few other daters there. So we had pizza for dinner, played a couple rounds of miniature golf, drove the bumper boats and of course – played the arcade games. And I must say, although I seemed to have a slow streak, my date was having a very lucky night – raking in exactly 1000 tickets by the end. We tried to take some cheesy (although I admit I love them) photo booth pictures but the machine wasn’t working. So here is the one shot I got of our date.

I think he’s pretty handsome anyway. And he opened doors for me, held my hand – and I even got a good night kiss! Now I just need to work on getting him to pay.


8 thoughts on “my hot date

  1. haha! Aww…I loved this post! You mean to tell me your 6 year old doesn’t have a job?! What a lazy kid. :)By the way, I replied to your comment on my blog about commitment issues…

  2. Emily, I love your sense of humor. Thanks for writing such a sweet and creative post. It made me smile today! Hope to run into you more now that school is starting.

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