the shuffle

So I was driving in my car today, listening to my favorite thing – ipod on shuffle. I love the randomness. With each song end a new little surprise comes my way. But today as one song ended and another started I had to wonder to which one belonged the strange mismatched melody at the beginning (or ending).

So it’s not like this is the first time this has ever happened. But each time it does, for some reason I have to think how different songs sound when you listen to a whole CD by itself. And then it always makes me wonder, do musicians hate shuffle? Because if I were a musician I would stress forever wondering what song sounded good before or after which other song. Then there’s those fancy songs which just lead right into the next one. So after planning and worrying and thinking and changing the playlist over and over until finally recording the record – then to just have someone download their preferred songs from itunes and shuffle them all around – how rude!

But yet I love to do it. And my favorite is to hear two totally random songs one after another. My songs would be appalled if they knew what was going on after they were over.


2 thoughts on “the shuffle

  1. I’ve thought of this too. I once read an article where a musician talked about how itunes was bringing the demise of the album because artists aren’t as concerned about putting together a cohesive album as much anymore. They are more concerned about making individual songs marketable.But then there was a guy arguing the other side and he said that artists have *more* incentive to make a good album because otherwise only one or two songs of theirs would sell.Anyway, sorry for the long tangent. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to listen to a whole album, because I always have mine on shuffle too!

  2. there’s nothing better than john mayer, then kelly pickler, followed by enya, and the finished off with some sublime – i thought i was the only one :)kris – holly’s husband

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