week in review

My life for the most part has been pretty normal lately. Well, normal for me anyhow. Each day I try to think of something fun to do. This serves multiple purposes of course. It keeps us all busy and it keeps the boys from breaking toys over each others heads – or whatever other nonsense they end up doing when they are inside the house together for more that about 30 minutes.

So besides the “normal” stuff, here’s a few exciting things that happened.

The first excitment came Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point. I had just finished eating lunch at the Trellis Cafe with my mom and the boys (had a very yummy spinach salad) – and we were walking through the entry area when I looked over and saw Elder Uchtdorf. I know this may not be so exciting to some people, but he is pretty much my favorite apostle if I’m allowed to say that. I have always been excited to hear his stories because to me his life (and accent) are so different. Anyway. At first I could not believe my eyes, I tried to ask my mom what she thought so she said I should listen while he was talking to see if I could hear his accent. So that was probably weird for a minute. Us and his family were about the only ones in the lobby and he was walking off to the side talking on a cell phone. Not exactly a situation where you can be sneaky and sly, but we tried. Well, I am not good with akward situations – or with being brave – so of course I left without saying anything. So I didn’t talk to him and I have no cool picture to show, but it was still neat to me.

Next we go to Wednesday evening. I decided, no I was coerced into thinking that it would be a good idea for me to attend a softball game. Not to watch, to actually play. Let me briefly give you a history of my softball skills. The last time I remember playing was gym class in middle school, of which time I always had a fear of the ball created by ideas that I would be the one kid in class to be hit in the face with it. For this reason I made sure to stand in far outfield where I could pretend to play. I also tried my hardest to be at the end of the batting line. But of course I remember all these things but then think to myself, “Oh that was so long ago. I’ve practiced T-Ball with Mason many times and I’m not too shabby. How hard can it be to keep your eye on the ball and swing the bat into it? I can do this no problem.”

Bad idea. I should have listened to my memories instead. So we start off by throwing the ball around to warm up, then we divide into teams. Ok, so this was more like a practice I guess since we only had six players on each team. First I am outfield. No biggie since I had just warmed up catching and throwing a ball. Well, I am sorry to say that even with all my “I can do anything” attitude I still never caught a ball. Although in my defense I’m not sure if one really ever came to my area. So I’m playing thinking this is not too big of a deal. Then my team goes infield. I suddenly realize that with only six of us I will most likely get a turn to bat. So now here’s what I’m thinking – “Oh no, what have I done? Why am I here? I have no idea how to hit a ball.” Then my can-do-it attiude kicks in, “Hey remember how you practiced with Mason? Just keep your eye on the ball and it will be easy.”

Wrong again. I was the loser who just kept swinging and swinging but never making contact. Not too bad you think, three strikes and you’re out anyway. Nope. Remember that this is more of a practice, so everyone’s being nice and letting me try as many times as I need. Woohoo. I get to stand at the plate while everyone watches me for as long as it takes to hit the ball. Then I would hit the ball, run to first, only to realize that it was a foul therby making me run back and start the whole wonderful process again.

Yes I did finally hit the ball, three times in all. And here are some things I learned that night: 1. hitting a softball with a bat is not that easy if you haven’t done it in like 15 years. 2. Practicing T-ball and toss-the-ball-lightly with Mason does not work for adult games. 3. If Mason’s sporting future depends at all on my ability to help teach him, he will do much better trying soccer than baseball.

Of course an exciting week cannot be so without good food. Thursday I had a wonderfully yummy breakfast with some friends at a resturaunt I’ve never been to – later my sister informed me it was featured on a show on Food Network. Later that day we celebrated the 24th. A holiday to remember the pioneers who settled Utah – to me it’s like another 4th of July; business closed, BBQ’s, family and fireworks.

So there you are. The week’s wrap-up you might not have wanted, but you got anyway.


8 thoughts on “week in review

  1. Proud of you for playing softball after so many years.. that’s what has kept me from going… but now I think you have encouraged me to go and try again. Thanks!!!!

  2. I seriously laughed the whole way through the softball paragraph. Probably cause I can still picture your middle school self playing softball. Good work though!And I am so sad I missed the breakfast with friends – definitely next time!

  3. Looks like you have been having lots of fun. Staying busy is the best. I give props to you. There is no way anyone could get me to play softball. I used to get in trouble for dancing in the outfield.

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