camps and holidays and museums, oh my!

Ok. So I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve posted I have to decide what to actually post about. I guess that means we’ve been keeping pretty busy. My biggest adventure recently was girls camp. I, along with a handful of other adults, took all the young girls (12-18) in our church for a little week-long adventure in the mountains. When I was a young girl this was sometimes refered to as “rough camp”. It cannot be called that any longer without lying. This place was built with youth and family groups in mind. Everything was organized and kept very clean. And although it was not as nice as home (public bathrooms, waiting in line to shower, bugs, dirt & wooden bunkbeds) it was a far cry from tents and outhouses. So beyond the fact that I had to sleep in a sleeping bag and learn how to balance my dirty clothes, clean clothes, towel and shower supplies on only one hook in the bathroom I had a very fun time. I don’t even think I got a single bug bite thanks to my constant application of bug spray.

And for the visual interest…


I got home from camp the afternoon of the 4th and have been busy ever since. Here’s a few more photos of some of the fun things we’ve been doing.
Milo loved to swing the sparklers in circles, while dancing around and making rocket/airplane noises.
Mason’s sparklers ran out right as I was about to take the picture. Either that suprised him, or he was upset at the fact that he could no longer try to light items on fire. And by “items” I am refering to the trees, plants, sparkler boxes and whatever else seemed exciting to watch burn.
Mason, Milo and Lightning (Milo’s spiderman cheetah) enjoying the view from the waterfall at Thanksgiving Point.
We invited a friend of Mason’s with us for a trip to the Dinosaur Museum. This week the museum was celebrating it’s birthday. They had some fun extra activites and crafts for the kids to do. Here they are showing off the face painting they got.
Milo wanted to take his picture next to this dinosaur painted on the wall.

8 thoughts on “camps and holidays and museums, oh my!

  1. girls camp rocks, unless you are the camp director (i was that last year…exhausting). looks like you had fun! i am glad to see you are keepin busy..before you know it, summer will be over! tear.

  2. It’s true we had to deal with outhouses and tents, but I didn’t think our camp was too bad. At least we had a swimming pool. And of course we spent much of our time hiding from our leaders and playing pranks on people 😉

  3. Its ok about the boat, she more than made up for it with the speedy gonzalez pez dispenser. and amanda – now that i’m the leader those past infractions are supposed to be kept a secret. don’t want to give them any ideas.

  4. Emily I’m so glad you had a great time at camp. I really miss working with the young women you really grow to love every one of them. Enjoy every minute of your calling. Milo is the cutest little boy if you ever want to give him away for a day give me a call

  5. Oh…I love people that love girl’s camp. I’m still trying to work up some courage for that program. Loved it as a young woman but not sure I could do it as a boring, old person! Looks like you are doing some great things this summer!

  6. Emily, Glad you and the boys are keeping busy this summer. I think about you and the boys each and every day, and am looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!!!!Tell the boys GIGI sends a big hug and kiss, and give yourself one also.Take care of yourself!!Love,Aunt Gayle

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