happy birthday mason!

Today Mason officially turned the big SIX. Here are some things that happened today to remind me that he is getting older and more, I guess you could say mature.

This morning I missed a call on my cell phone from my mom. She wanted me to call her back she she could wish Mason a happy birthday. I just handed the phone to Mason and told him to call her. No problem. It’s not that he hasn’t been doing this for a long time, its just that it still makes me laugh at how easy he maneuvers the cell phone (and all other electronic devices).

After lunch we planned to see the movie Kung Fu Panda with some family. We got to the theater and the most excited words out of Mason’s mouth were, “Hey, Indiana Jones! I want to watch that movie.” The cartoon about cute animals that fight the bad guy just wasn’t as exciting to him as I thought it would be. (Milo however did like the movie.)

For his birthday we went to dinner (Mason’s choice of course) with just us. As the boys were waiting for me to make some phone calls before we left they started drawing some pictures. When Mason finished he handed me a folded paper and asked me to take it to the restaurant and give it to him after dinner. There was a beautiful picture with a blue sky, sun and car driving along. Inside the card said something like, “To Mason – I love you – love mom” (all spelled correctly this time). So basically Mason made me a card to give to him for his birthday. What a funny kid.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASON! You are officially old enough to start first grade, strong enough to pour your own milk & mature enough to take care of your mom. — Now if only we could get you to stop shooting your straw wrappers at everyone πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “happy birthday mason!

  1. Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud that he drew his own birthday card for you to give him. What a cute, mature little guy you have πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday, dear Mason!Love the fact you made your own birthday card. Guess I could do that, too…make a card for your cousin Danny to give me with jewerly!Love you, Emily. N.

  3. How cute! His own card. At least he called you Mom this time and not Emily. He must not have been upset with you. :0) Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great birthday Mason! You did awesome at T-Ball too

  4. I also think your kids are so very cute. After Young Womens on Tuesday they stopped by our house to trick or treat. I think Marque gave them the idea cuz he was outside. When I came to the door they asked for candy, but then Milo was like, Ice cream. Do you have ice cream? I gave them some pudding pops. Then Milo asked, How come we get these? I told him because you asked for it. I hope they weren’t too hopped up on sugar when they came home. I am in aunt mode and it’s hard for me to say no sometimes. Especially to such adorable polite young men. Marque told me afterwards Mason was saying that Marque had a girl wife. I hope that means he thinks I look young. Well, that’s the end of my story. Happy Birthday Mason!:) Sarah Trosper

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