well, more to just keep me in the habit than anything else – here is an update.

Today Erik did not go to the hospital for blood work. He was feeling very tired and then we had a few visitors followed by a visit from a nurse to start his hospice care. The nurse told us from now on she could do any blood work the doctors ordered – but that it wasn’t necessary if we didn’t want to have it done. The one thing she did tell us was that from the basic vitals she took Erik’s body is stressed and it is working hard even while he is laying down. I guess we don’t know really what to make of that information, except to just make sure he really takes it easy.

It was nice to meet with the nurse today. She made us feel very comfortable and let us know repeatedly that she is available any time of the day or night for anything that Erik needs. They work directly with the hospital near us for medications, so if he ever needs anything – whether it be a refill or something in the middle of the night – we can call them and they will fill the prescription, pick it up and bring it to our house. And I know there are always doctors on call – but she made sure we knew that being on call is part of their job and that calls in the middle of the night are very normal for them. It is very comforting to us to know that they will be here for Erik anytime he needs.


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  1. Dearest Emily,It has been such a long time since I’ve seen you. How the years have shot on by. Thank goodness for pictures that I have the memories of you as one of my flower girls and then a grown woman at your own wedding day! Though I have never met your Erik, in person, I have always loved him, for loving you. The two of you make a beautiful couple and now you have 2 beautiful boys! I was bummed when I couldn’t go to Salt Lake for Stacie’s wedding. I miss all of you. Seeing the pictures and the video have helped and I know I needed to stay home with Nadine and Nicholas, who are still in school. However, I would have loved to deliver big hugs, in person, to all of you and to meet Erik and your boys.Erik, I am so sorry you are so sick. My heart is hurting for you, for Emily and your boys. I wish there was something I could do to help, or something I could do to make you well. I know I can and will pray for you. Father God will take care of everything and everyone. For now, you rest and don’t worry. You and the family are being kept with HIS care.My love always, Cousin Natalie

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