my first blog – sort of

So I don’t have anything to blog about really – but I can’t just leave our new page blank. So some time ago I was tagged – I figure what the heck. Here’s ten weird things about me which you may not know.

1. i love to vacuum carpet – i really like to see the perfect patterns made by the vacuum, so i always vacuum from the corner out so as not to disturb them with footprints. i also like when there is something i can see go from dirty to clean – like a big spill that is vacuumed right up.

2. i really like to work. not just work, i like to have a job. somewhere i go to exchange hours of my life for a little dinero.

3. i think food tastes much better if i have ordered it off a menu and someone brings it to a table where i am patiently awaiting it. one of my most favorite things to do is go out to eat with just erik somewhere i’ve never been before.

4. banana peppers are very yummy. this is a discovery i made only a couple of years ago, but i don’t know how i ever lived without them.

5. here is a list of the dogs i hope to own one day (not all at the same time): schnauzer (and i would make it wear a plaid sweater), miniature dachshund, & wire-haired fox terrier.

6. if i could waste money on something it would definately be shoes. i love to wear plain outfits with crazy shoes.

7. my dream is to travel the world with erik – anywhere and everywhere that i have never been (and right now that’s a lot of places)

8. i like lots of tv shows but i am not hooked on any show. i just can’t keep track of when they are on so i forget to watch.

9. i wish everyone could just get along. i think if everyone would think about how the other person feels the whole world could be at peace. i just don’t understand why there is so much grumpiness.

10. and lastly, mostly cause i can’t think of anything else and partly because i love to eat, here are some favorite things to eat: microwave popcorn, mashed potatoes & gravy, thanksgiving dinner, mambas, shredded hashbrowns, whoppers (the hamburger not the gross candy) & any fruit as long as it’s ripe.

i tag you all (except amanda of course) – i want to see everyone’s 10 things, or else.


3 thoughts on “my first blog – sort of

  1. Wait, why wasn’t I told you had a new blog?! I am very excited about this. Now I can put you on my google reader, so I’ll always know when you update :)Are you still going to use your old website?

  2. Hey Emily… so i just tagged you on my blog and then came to yours to let you know that I tagged you, and, well, you were already tagged. So if you want to do another one go to my blog to see the rules!

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