i’ve been [fake] shopping

It’s Friday. And fall.

There’s so many sweaters to think about wearing, fuzzy muppet purses to find a need for, fancy serving sets I don’t own yet. That we for sure would use for all the dinner parties we’ll be hosting at our new place (that still doesn’t have a couch).

And to top it all off, there’s always Net-A-Porter. There for the wishing and wondering who can afford that stuff; and when will Zara make the knock-off for me to buy.

Which also brought me to the article I read about Kirsten Dunst today. You know how there’s just those famous people you like, and those you don’t? She’s one I’ve always liked. Except for in Spiderman. And this article made me re-remember how much I like her. And that I’m behind on watching her films (the last one I saw was Melancholia – eek!).

But seriously, those dresses? I’ll be waiting patiently, Zara.

Also, as long as we’re talking about things to buy, I really want one of these pretzel concoctions. Please Friday, make it happen.

fake shopping friday & air plants

cat shopping

Who’s still shopping for Mother’s Day? I feel like no matter how soon I try to plan holidays, I always end up last-minute thinking of gifts. This year I actually put a reminder in my phone so I’d have time to factor in shipping and all that. It’s the little things that make me proud of myself.

Speaking of mom things (and making small progressions in life), I’ve been eyeing air plants lately. I feel like they might be a plant I can keep alive. But then I worry, what if I don’t? It is quite possible I won’t even be able to remember to spritz something once a week. But then I think, look how awesome are these?

And this -which is nothing like an air plant, but I still like it.

And these, which are the same color that plants sometimes grow, but are still nothing like them. (But aren’t they so pretty!)

They would look great with this, if only it weren’t sold out.

Ok, so back to air plants… I think I can not kill one. I really do. Most likely.

older than 30

Last month I had that yearly celebration, and it caught me between feelings of so old and so young – and I couldn’t really decide how I felt about my age.

Then I came across this list. I feel like it comes across as, “Here’s a list of movies you didn’t realize were so old.” But all these movies are younger than I am. There’s even a disclaimer at the beginning: Sorry in advance for making you feel old.

I still can’t decide how old this makes me feel, but I did start to wonder how it is that I’ve seen so many of these movies even though I was clearly a toddler when they came out.

On a happy note, I am proud to say Muppets Take Manhattan has been part of our movie flashback viewing with the kids. And they enjoyed the skating butter mice just as much as Tyler and I (although mice in a NY restaurant now means a bit more to us that it probably used to).



fake shopping friday

corgi puppy

Happy Friday full of wishful shopping wants. (That may or may not include the above Corgi pup.)

  • It’s a fox!
  • If only I had a toddler again. (Aka: pregnant friends, this might be coming to you.)
  • I’m pretty addicted to pockets on dresses.
  • I so want to buy a rug like this for the living room, but I’m so scared it will look completely foolish and I’ll have no idea how to decorate with it. (Obvs the price tag is no matter on this one.)
  • If I needed a new beach towel.
  • Tyler told me this doesn’t match our decor, but I think he might be wrong.
  • This probably can’t be purchased, even if I did have the money, but it is still so awesome.

PS. I’m excited to finally get back into rock climbing again tomorrow (and to make a for reals purchase: new climbing shoes!)

fancy tables

Growing up we always had a tablecloth and cloth napkins for legit family dinners. This encompassed most Sundays, and all foodie holidays.

For me tablecloths and cloth napkins have sort of been shoved into the corner of my mind with those rugs people would put on their toilet lids. Are those still a thing? They shouldn’t be.

Maybe it’s because I’m reaching my mid-thirties (gasp, choke), or maybe I’m just really wanting to pretend I have a beautiful breezy backyard to host summer dinner parties in, but I’ve been thinking about pulling cloth table settings back into the limelight of my life.

Does anyone use tablecloths? I think my hesitation is because no table cloth means no tablecloth. A tablecloth is money, I have to find somewhere to store it (hello, NY apartment), I have to clean it after using (hello, NY laundry). And is it really that much more environmentally friendly to use cloth napkins over paper ones? I mean, there is the garbage thing, but what about the water and soap it takes to wash them?

Well, this and this convinces me I should buy a tablecloth. This, not so much.

Really, all this over tablecloths. Oh to be a man and just not care!

stephen colbert

you choose youtube

You know when one thing leads to another, and you end up searching for the Freak on a Leash music video from your high school days because your husband hasn’t seen the bullet that flies through the entire cartoon?

And then that triggers another high school music video memory that he decides to search for.

And then it’s 1:30 am and you’ve now watched at least one music video from almost every 90’s band you can remember (with a few random Japanese videos thrown in).

Yes, we are that couple! And yes, we remembered System of a Down, and Spice Girls. And sang along to Peaches.

But in all seriousness, or not, you should really try it sometime. We’ve sort of made it our thing. And we get pretty into taking our turn – there is no double music video picking unless we both agree to it.

The one that started it all – because I know you’re feelin’ it now.